Blackjack Table Foam Padding

This foam padding is a close cell foam and is the same foam that is used on casino gaming table. It provide a firm, but yet soft enough surface to easily pick up playing cards and chips. Since it is a close cell foam, it is water proof. No liquids will soak into it.

The foam is 1/4" thick and available from either a 12" or 48" wide roll. The foam is sold by the foot.

  • 48" wide - Used for the playing surface of the table - Most table will require 6 feet.
  • 12" wide - Used for the armrest of the table - Most tables will require 12 to 14 feet. (tip: once received, cut into (2) 6" wide pieces and double the thickness for extra comfort)
  • Apply foam padding to blackjack table with a spray adhesive (found at any home improvement store).

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